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The Key to a Show-Stopping Brand

The Key to a Show-Stopping Brand

If you joined us for last week’s Paid to Be You workshop, you know that we talked a lot about the 4 keys to a big love, big money brand. One of the main keys (the first key, in fact) is…

Know Thy Brand Archetype.

I’ve had a lot of people say, “Jen, will you explain what a brand archetype is? I’m confused by the word and what I should be looking for.” So I’m dedicating today’s blog post to do just that. When it comes to archetypes, there’s a lot of different definitions. Basically, based off of how I use them in the branding world, your archetype is the personality of your brand.

For example, if you’ve been following me, you know that I am what they call a Ruler archetype. A Ruler archetype is a brand that is seen as an authority figure. They’re your CEOs, they’re lady bosses, they’re people in authority that you look to as an expert in what they’re doing. This is true for my brand, as I’ve been doing marketing for 17+ years. I started out in the advertising agency world. I worked for one of the biggest ad agencies that managed billions of marketing dollars for huge brands, and one of the accounts that I was on was Coca Cola (still the biggest brand in the world to this day). Which again, if you guys have been listening to my livestreams, or following me in the Brand Story Challenge, you know that that Coca Cola brand has been in my life since I was little kid.

So here I was, thrilled to be working on the biggest brand in the world as a junior copywriter. Nobody knew me from boo; I didn’t feel important. But I would just sit there and be a sponge and listen to all these really radical marketers. That’s what introduced me to the concept of archetypes (based on Carl Jung’s books). Knowing your brand archetype – your brand personality – helps you truly understand your conscious and subconscious values, gifts, and struggles.

When I learned 17 years ago that I was Ruler archetype brand, I was really pissed. I know that sounds funny (who doesn’t want to be the queen, right?) but it’s true. I was afraid that if I came off as the boss people wouldn’t like me, because so many people say they don’t like their boss. And so I associated that with something people wouldn’t like, when really, as a Ruler archetype, it gives me the ability to create a tribe where my audience can live in the most prosperous, full of possibility place you could ever be. And my online home (including Periscope, my Paid to Be You Posse Facebook group and my own website and blog right here), is my little part of real estate in the world where I get to teach and love on my people and give them everything they need to be successful.

And knowing my Dominant Archetype is just the first step – as knowing my Intrinsic and Intuitive Archetypes make the mix of who my brand shows up to even more powerful.  If you’d like to leverage the power of brand psychology and how archetypes can support your business, I’d loved to teach you directly how to use them to your advantage.  My signature program, Master Brand, is open for enrollment for just a few more days, and it’s the only place you get access to this proprietary archetype mix.  Check it out here.

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