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The Foundation of Every Great Profitable Brand

The Foundation of Every Great Profitable Brand

It’s a hard truth, but when it comes to selling, one thing I’ve learned is:

People don’t care about your products until you make them care about your products.

Dale Carnegie coined the “know, like and trust factor” and any thought leader who teaches and/or writes about being more effective in sales talks about how relationships are the key to big sales. Those who understand this as they build their brand will have an advantage, especially when they are first starting out.

Why? Because when it comes to sales, the “know, like and trust factor” is 100% in play.

For example, if you’re starting up a new custom jewelry site inside of Etsy, getting people to know what you care about, why you started the business, and how it feeds your passion can make people want it more.

The life-changing moments, messages, and inspiration you experienced while creating your brand is all a part of your story — your Brand Story.

Your brand story is the very foundation of your brand. It supports the reasons why your audience should care in a very emotion-driven way that helps them decide to choose you over someone else.

Think of this way: people use Amazon for pretty much everything now, I mean they even bought Whole Foods. But what they really bought was the platform that Jeff Bezos built, consistently over time. Steve Jobs’ philosophy at Apple to product development was that he wanted everything they built to feel like “an extension of people’s lives” – not just a device or technology.

Are you ready to take your lifetime of powerful moments and find the deeply motivating ones that will not only help you put yourself out there, but attract your Tribe to your brand as well? Join me in a live 7 day challenge to dive into the heart of your brand and find your Brand Story. www.BrandStoryChallenge.com


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