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Facing The Pivotal Moments In Your Brand

Facing The Pivotal Moments In Your Brand


There are moments that totally shift the way you look at things. All of a sudden, up is down and right is left, and you have to change your course.

These moments, which I call pivots, may make you pause or sit down — sometimes even make you fall down.

But the beauty of this is that what you choose to do next is what makes you great.

So what do you do when face a pivot you weren’t expecting?

First, you’ve got to pause and sit in that space. You’ve got to acknowledge that that moment has changed everything for you.

I’m sure there are a ton of these moments that you can look back at your life and see. I’ve got quite a few myself! I didn’t get to this place without a ton of hard work and bumps and bruises.

In fact, I’ve had to face far more no’s than I had yeses. And still today, with three 7 figure companies, I face more no’s than yeses.

But here’s the second thing you need to do: remind yourself that it doesn’t matter what the no’s are, because the yeses are magnificent.

The yeses that you get are the ones that you need.

Babe Ruth is the number one hitter in the Baseball Hall of Fame. You know what else he is? He’s also the strikeout king. He holds the record for the most strikeouts as well as the most hits. Why? Because he kept swinging for the fences every time he went to bat. He didn’t play it small, or safe, or comfortable.

In your personal Hall of Fame, the way you want to be canonized and remembered, and the way you want your legacy to be felt and told and known has everything to do with your pivots. A lot of times, these moments feel negative. They feel like you’ve struck out. But they’re not really negative. They don’t have to be. It’s how you use them that matters, and you can turn those catalysts into fuel that builds your business and your brand story.

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