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The One Thing I Hate Doing Every Day (but has made me wealthy + happy more than anything else)

The One Thing I Hate Doing Every Day (but has made me wealthy + happy more than anything else)

Happy Holidays!

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of traveling, speaking on stages, and now Momentum ‘18, which I know many of you are playing!

As I sat down to write this blog, I started to think about all of the topics I could teach you.

In my 18+ years in this industry, I’ve learned a lot. And if there’s one thing you all know about me, it’s that I like to give away my best stuff for free. (What can I say? I take after my grandmother in my Jenerosity.)

So I made a quick list of all the things I could possibly teach (hint: this is a #protip you can use yourself when you’re creating your own blog content).

The topics on my list included: marketing, branding, sales, operations, how to lead a team, how to hire a team, how much money you can expect to make in year one, what digital marketing looks like, how to create sales funnels, leadership must-haves…and the list goes on.

While I actually plan to teach on all of this and more in 2018, I wanted to hone in on a daily ritual that has now changed everything for me.

I call it slaying my dragons.

What does “slaying dragons” look like? It means I do the things I hate first and get it out of the way. Every day.

Let that sink in for a moment. Each and every day, I wake up and I do the thing that I hate first.

Now it took me a long time (truth: it took me a long, long time) to see the benefits of doing this. In fact, most of you probably are thinking, “How can that be your success ritual?”

1 Thing I Hate Doing Every Day (but has made me wealthy + happy.001

It’s because slaying my dragons taught me that the tasks that I hated to do were not the obstacles holding me back. I was my own obstacle.

As we begin to end 2017, ask yourself this — Do you want to have a successful brand? Do you want to build something that will truly replace your day job? Or even build your company to epic proportions like I have? Then hard work is absolutely required. But you know what else is also required? Taking care of the little things, because those things are what make a difference in building your momentum.

If you haven’t joined us yet in Momentum ‘18, my 4 week long experience with daily prompts to help you build your business to epic proportions, come and join us! Everyone needs a tribe and no one can slay their dragons alone. Come and learn to take simple, actionable steps each day to get you seen, heard, and paid to be you.

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  1. Monique Moliere Piper

    Love the phrase Jennifer, “slaying dragons.” This is a great method to get what’s most important done. I actually have a slightly different take on getting the big tasks completed. Mine, do what’s easiest first. So, I take a large task such as preparing a speech, or writing, and do the easiest part of it. For example, when writing a blog post, the easiest thing to do is coming up with a title (even if you change it later). The next easiest, the main idea and sub-points. I teach my coaching clients, breaking up large tasks into smaller easier parts, allows it to become manageable, less scary and increases the probability of finishing.

  2. Nick | livingtoroam.com

    @Jennifer Kem that is a great way to look at productivity! Also ‘slaying dragons’ makes you sound like an ultimate badass. I wanted to also reach out and say a massive thank you for your awesome tips from the Teachable Summit a few weeks ago. Your video was super helpful. Keep rockin’ it

  3. Mariana R.

    So simple, why haven’t I tried this yet?? I have a tendency to push the things I don’t enjoy off ‘until later’ and next thing you know it’s 7pm and I’m working on the boring or daunting tasks, peak mental energy long gone. Great way to start the day – slayin’ dragons and takin’ names.