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Never Stop Refining Your Brand Story

Never Stop Refining Your Brand Story

My Tribe and I just completed the highly acclaimed Brand Story Challenge, where we shared 10 epic days of diving into the heart of big, little, and aspiring brands everywhere. This is the fourth time I’ve hosted it, and I’m always inspired by the stories people share.

It reinforces one of my principle beliefs, a piece of advice I give my clients on a regular basis:

Never stop refining your brand story.

If you are person who wants to start a business, is in a business, is stuck in your business, or is even killing it in your business right now, don’t stop sharing your brand story. As you keep moving forward, more stories will emerge that can be helpful to your audience.

So whether it’s a personal story or a business story, practicing sharing your experiences strengthens your resolve. It also helps bring powerful breakthroughs in both your business, and personal life.

Instead of focusing on the fear of what people will think, this is where your focus should truly be: “How can I get better at sharing my story with my audience?”

When you work with your audience, take time to talk about you, to talk about how your stories help other people. Don’t keep them to yourself or wonder, “Does my story really matter?” Yes, yes it does. Because it is the foundation of your brand – the foundation of your business.

From your “why” to your launch, your stories are embedded in that whole process. Even in your aesthetics, the way that your brand looks visually, your story has a lot to do with that. Part of the aesthetics conversation is your copywriting, and how your voice shows up on the public parts of what you’re doing. Whether it’s your website, your speaker one sheet, your livestreams…it’s all a part of your brand story.

If you’re in the Paid To Be You Posse, our designated Facebook group for entrepreneurs who want to get seen, get heard, and get paid, you know that I actually have a webinar coming out to talk about all of this and more. I’ll be showing you how to build a big love, big money brand that gets noticed, and gets you Paid To Be You. I hope you’ll join us, friend!

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