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Here’s the Best Way to Learn About Your Market

Here’s the Best Way to Learn About Your Market.001

I feel like it’s really important to talk about models of both good and bad things that happen in my brand. And the same is true for your brand. Now when I say, “bad things” I don’t necessarily mean mistakes or failures. In fact, I want to challenge you to look at “bad things” as areas that can be improved instead. Nothing more, nothing less.

But in entrepreneurship, I have definitely learned more from people who have told me what not to do than from people who’ve told me what to do. I’m gonna repeat that:

I have learned more from people who have been willing to tell me what not to do than what to do.

Because I can follow any blueprint, and so can you – you guys are all smart cookies. But when somebody just gives you a process, all you’ll know is that process. And you can follow a plan to the tee, but you won’t know what the “gotcha’s” are, you won’t know what the potential trappings are, and I feel it’s really important and really powerful when you actually know what not to do or what not to follow or how to adjust. Don’t avoid that kind of feedback. Don’t let that be a shortcut you take when you start marketing and selling your products.

And if you’re already marketing and selling your products, please take a look at that process. You should always be looking at what your clients are giving you feedback on, and improve from there. Think about your business and how you could do something different than a mediocre experience. Because the way you stand out is to give them a different experience than what is expected or even could be looked at as average.

For those of you that are thinking, “When is going to be my time?” Your time is now. It doesn’t happen overnight. You guys hear me say this over and over and over again: no one is an overnight success. An overnight success is a myth, it’s a marketing ploy, and I’m a marketer, so I’m just letting you know, it’s not real.

The only way to move forward is to take action forward. Remember, keep your foot in front of your head don’t let your mind talk you out of moving your feet towards your next big goal. And if you’re looking for a tribe to support you along the way, come and join us in the Paid To Be You Posse. I’ll be there, sharing daily tips and prompts to help keep your forward momentum going. In fact, I also have a free digital workshop coming up on building a big love, big money brand. It was named by my Tribe, and quite aptly so: the Paid To Be You webinar. Check it out for more details, and I’ll see you all there!

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