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3 Ways to Overcome Your Fears

3 Ways to Overcome Your Fears.001

Running a business isn’t for the faint of heart. Not only does it ask you to work and study hard, it also asks you to overcome your biggest fears in order to be successful. Whether you’re an introvert like me or are afraid of speaking in front of people, having a business can push you to do these things and more.

But it’s for the best.

Being an entrepreneur for over 10 years, there were situations where I had to face my fears to better my business. Here are three ways to get started:

1. Recognize Your Fears

Someone once told me to list down all the things I was truly afraid of. This is called visualizing. By writing it down, not only will you be able to see your fears, you’ll also be able to have a better idea on how to overcome it.

If you’ve been following me on the blog, then you may already known that in 2008, I lost everything and was homeless as a single mother. As a result, I was afraid of checking my bank account because I was afraid of losing it all again.

After visualizing, I decided that the best way was to open it every morning. At first, it was terrifying. Sometimes, I would wait till the afternoon, but even then, I wouldn’t open it. But little by little, by recognizing and finding a solution to my fear, I’m able to look at my checking account with more confidence.

2. Take it Day by Day

If you came here thinking you could overcome your fears in a day or a week, then you’re wrong. It takes a lot longer than that.

But you can take one step at a time.

There’s a saying to do something that scares you everyday and it does work. Going back to my example of checking my bank account, I needed to check it every single morning until I overcame that fear.

There is no need to rush. Just breathe and take the first step.

3. Reward Yourself

Our minds are conditioned pretty easily thanks to the types of responses you see. For example, remember all the times you or another child would get time out for doing a mean act? It’s the same with overcoming your fears.

You need to reward yourself in order to keep up the momentum.

Back when I was still overcoming my fear of the bank, whenever I would open my checking account in the morning, I would tell myself that I did an awesome job or grab a coffee at my favorite coffee place.

It’s the little things like these that tell your brain that what you’re doing is good. As a result, you’re more likely to keep doing what you’re doing.

What are your ways of overcoming your fears?

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