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Is Content Still King?

Is Content Still King?

Is content still king really?

We’ve all heard the saying “content is king”.

It’s a marketing adage as old as time, which leads many entrepreneurs to wonder: Is it still true?

After all, it can feel like blogging is a shout into the void these days…

Or, as you stream on Facebook Live to an audience of 1 or 0 people, it can feel as if you’re not doing much to build your business and brand.

But I’m here to tell you, the answer to that question is…

Absolutely yes. Content is still king, now more than ever.

I say that because despite what it feels like? All that content static you’re seeing is a good thing.

In this age of serious excess digital noise, readers, customers, and raving-fans-in-waiting are trying to wade through the racket of countless blog posts, emails, free offers, and programs, and find people who are giving value to them.

That means if you’re sharing value consistently? They’re going to find you.

The way to get found is to really come from a place of your brand personality and understanding your audience along the way.

Here’s the hard part though: That doesn’t happen overnight. You have to show up.

But if you’re committed to that? You will start to see major results. That’s why I always say “Action activates the dream”.

Whatever dream you have to get your message to the masses and to monetize that message you have to launch that message consistently and persistently.

I’m currently seeing an epidemic on social media and online and even offline frankly — I call it “Announcers Anonymous”.

Too many people are just announcing what they have… and leaving it at that. There’s a basic sales pitch, a sales page, and then nada.

There’s no lead up.

No way to nurture people who are in it for the long game.

No invitation to continue to purchase other products or services.

No customer or client testimonials.

But to get to that space you have to stop being an announcer? You have to move to becoming a launcher.

A “launcher” is someone with the launch mindset, which is one that tests the messaging that the brand personality has as well as the audience’s reception to it .

The more you test? The more you will see which of your posts, L1s or lead magnets are drawing in those ideal prospects and clients for you.

Consistent and persistent tests will bring massive brand clarity for you and your tribe; meaning the more that you actually launch and put yourself out there? The more clear you are going to get.

A lot of people make this mistake: They think once their offerings are launched, it’s over.

Not true. That’s just the beginning of your chance to create incredible content that will continue to draw and drive perfect customers to buy from you.

Because here’s the thing: you still don’t actually know what’s resonating with the people who are going to purchase from you.

The only way to do that is to put yourself out there and do it in a way that allows them to see it.

Content is still king, and the king is here to stay.

Now: Go forth and create.


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