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Stop Keeping Your Gifts Quiet (aka How To Build Your Brand)

Stop Keeping Your Gifts Quiet (aka How To Build Your Brand)

It’s kind of amazing how resistant and resilient humans can be.

If you’re a Master Brander, a Launch Leader, a Notorious B-I-Z, I just want to acknowledge you big time. Because going that deep with your brand takes courage. You’re sharing your brand story with a bunch of strangers, and to those of you that are really standing on the edge of your courage and posting on your business page, your private page, on Twitter, or anywhere public, let me just tell you, you are doing the things that the greats do right now.

If you’ve been wondering from afar, how is this person or that person getting so much media or such a following, or even (the best thing of all) the most income in creating a big brand and big company? It’s because they’re doing the things that you’re doing. They’re putting themselves out there.

So my whole message to you, first and foremost, is don’t stop, get it, get it, keep going!

Share with your audience who you are, what motivates you, what inspires you, and what gives you passion and focus. What gets you out of bed? What was that moment in time that possibly got you here, or made you skin your knees a little bit (or skin your knees a lot)? Maybe it even broke or shattered you kneecaps! I know I’m being a little bit dramatic there, but I want to encourage you to know that the more you put yourself and these stories out there, the more you’re serving people.

You’re not serving people by keeping your gifts quiet.

You’re not serving people by holding on to your stories.

What I want to charge you with, what I want to push you to, is that if you would be willing to go 1 degree deeper, 2 degrees deeper, 10 degrees deeper…the kind of breakthrough, that kind of possibility you have on the other side is crazy sauce! It’s cray cray; it’s gonna blow your own mind. You’re gonna surprise yourself at the type of attention that you get in both a positive way and a negative way. And guess what, I even love negative attention (bring it on haters, bring it on trolls!) You know why? Because if you’re not getting any attention then you’re not doing enough to build your brand, period.

If you’re looking for a resource to dive deeper into the heart of your brand, join us for the Brand Story Challenge. It’s a free resource with 10 days of prompts, journal pages, and an invested Facebook community to help you pull the greatness out of your brand. (Doors close soon, so come on in!)

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