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Here’s Why Building a Brand Will Kill You

Here’s Why Building a Brand Will Kill You.001

Whether you’re new to the biz game or not, building a business can easily kill you.

Yep, you heard right.

Statistics show that entrepreneurs are more likely to develop anxiety and depression than those who don’t, and it’s pretty easy to understand why: businesses take a whole lot of work.

You see, to be willing to get seen, get heard, and get paid for your great work in the world, for your gift, for your purpose, a part of what used to be you has to die. What I mean by that are those limiting beliefs that say being seen is scary, being heard is hurtful, and getting paid is impossible. Those all need to die in order to become successful. If Abraham Lincoln was able to speak to hundreds of people despite being a reserved person, then you can do it, too.

I say this because it’s happened to me.

There was a time where I was scared, terrified even, to tell the world how good I was at things like sales funnels or building websites because I didn’t want to become that one crazy friend people would talk behind my back. I was too caught up in what people thought of me, and as a result, it held me back. The longer I held it in, the more I knew something wasn’t right because I knew shouldn’t live my life to please others- I needed to do this for me.

And just like that, I’m here where I’m at today. If I wasn’t willing to let that part of me die, who knows where I’d be at this very moment.

Here’s the cool thing about this: you’re actually regenerating into your true self. You see, the parts of you that are limiting you are going die off, but you’ll also discover the real you hidden deep down inside. I won’t lie, I still have those days where I feel like I need to constantly prove myself against other people or tell myself I needed to be perfect all the time, but the reality is, I don’t. It can be difficult to let those parts of me die, but if I really want to succeed in both life and business, I need to let go and become reborn.

What part of you needs to die today?

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  1. Julia Winston

    A seed had to die before it became a tree. Caterpillars had to die before they became butterflies. Old habits and beliefs have to die before you can become the entrepreneur you want to be.This reminds me of a song lyric. “Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no wants to die.” It’s hard but necessary.

  2. Saundra Boulware

    Letting go of old habits, previous ways of thinking will open you up to success. That happened to me. So when I first became an entrepreneur, I had to total “let die” those thoughts that was shaped by society, family, co-workers, colleagues, and friends. Despite all of their warnings, they all ended up saying, “you must have done something right because you are still in business”. What they don’t know, is that when you let those things “die”; you grow up. And, there is plenty of room for that Growth & the resulting Success.