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Here’s How L1’s, L2’s, and L3’s Will Boost Your Business

Here’s How L1’s, L2’s, and L3’s Will Boost Your Business.001

Want to know how brands, both big and small, get SEEN, HEARD, and eventually get PAID?

They all use L1’s, L2’s, and L3’s.

I’ve seen a ton of brands head straight for the home run while ignoring the first, second, and third base. Like baseball, that’s breaking the rules; you have to run to all the bases before reaching home, aka your ideal client. In the entrepreneurial world, it seems like the best idea is to head straight for what you think is your perfect customer combined with hoping things will work out in some magical way.

But running a business doesn’t work that way.

What you really need to do is nurture a relationship and seduce them in an ethically way that will make people come back for more.

One popular example is Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty launch. The reason why her makeup line so successful is because she knows the heart of her customers. She knew exactly what was troubling them and wanted to help them find a solution. While it did take two years to launch Fenty Beauty, everyone is singing her praises.

So, how can you apply these same things Rihanna and her team used to become successful?

Use L1’s, L2’s, and L3’s.

What exactly are these terms?

The first base is the L1 launch, which I like to call the most important launch, because it allows you to get seen and heard. In order to make an impact, you need to brag about your business. You need to constantly be telling people that hey, you exist and that you could be the answer to their prayers.

You could have the most life-changing product ever made in the entire universe, but if no one knows who you are, then your business is as good as dead.

Some of the more popular ways to get your brand seen and heard is through:

  • Free live events
  • Free downloadable content
  • Free challenges

By implementing a L1 launch, not only will you be spreading the word around, you’ll also know what kind of people you attract, which leads me to the next base.

The second base is the L2 launch. This launch in particular helps you get paid while being in beta as it allows you to get very awesome assets for your brand in the form of testimonials, feedback, and data. Having this knowledge is crucial as it helps you, the entrepreneur, figure out the difference between your ideal customer and your ideal client, which you can read more about here.

The last base are your L3 launches. This is where you combine all the elements of the L1 and L2 to create a rocking product you know your customers will love over and over again. Although L3’s tend to be time-consuming and will require money, you know that it’ll be worth it in the long run because you:

  • Know the deepest desires of your ideal customer and clients
  • Have the best product that’ll fulfill those inner desires.

This makes it a win-win for everyone. Your customers will be happy and so will you.        

Now that you know L1’s, L2’s and L3’s will help grow your business, I’m gonna keep it real with you like I always do.

You have a gift. And you need to do something with it.

Your friends know it. Your customers know it. I know it, and I bet you know it.

You have what it takes to truly lead. To change the world. To make lives better. And make serious money when you do it.

That’s why I want to invite you to join me and my team at Scottsdale, Arizona for 2.5 days of:

  • Ready to go aesthetically made-for-you graphics and templates, as well as copy critiques, systems support, and beyond.
  • High-level trainings with industry experts and trailblazers who’ve been exactly where you are — and can help you break through your upper limit.
  • Plus, a full weekend in a gorgeous space where you can eliminate all distractions and focus on you.

I’d really hate for you to miss out on this epic event, so if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, come join us today.

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