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Great Marketers Do This – Do You?

Great Marketers Do This – Do You?


Many entrepreneurs get stuck when it comes to branding, because they get stuck in their story.

And what I mean by that is they feel their story — the deepest and most impactful parts of it that connect with their audience — are “too much” of something.

Too personal.

Too vulnerable.

Too painful.

The idea of sharing your story is terrifying. Talking about it on a livestream feels like such a big task. So you don’t share your story, and your brand suffers because sitting in your story is keeping you stuck.

You have to share your story. You have to feel it, (even the parts that aren’t glamorous), and sit in it…then allow other people to feel it with you.

Now, you can’t just share the hard parts of your story – you also have to bridge it to your customer. You want to say, “Yeah, that sucked, but the story doesn’t end there. Look what I did next. Look at how I changed things.”

Learning how to be a great marketer using storytelling is about breadcrumbs. It’s about dropping the breadcrumbs that allow people to see themselves inside of your story.

They need to walk the story with you. But if you don’t let them in, or just leave them hanging, or if you stop – then they stay stuck in the story with you.

Don’t leave them hanging.  You’ll hear me say that consistency and persistency are important. Being consistent and persistent, that’s part of what I mean here. A lot of people say, “I did all this, and then I got exhausted, or I got confused, and so I stopped.” And then the audience is saying, “You left me hanging. I’m stuck in this with you. What happened next?”

Do you know that it takes about seven touches with people who are in your ideal client base to actually motivate them to open their wallets and buy? Seven touches. That doesn’t mean seven years, or seven months, or seven weeks. It could be 7 days. It could be seven interactions between you two via direct message. Whatever method you use, it’s not as hard as you think, so don’t be discouraged.

Every time you stop, your momentum stops. Your brand story, the story about why you do what you do, is not the heavy boulder weighing down on your shoulders and keeping you down. Your catalyst story (no matter how heavy and painful and vulnerable it is) is the story that will push you forward and give you momentum.

So tell your story. Tell it publicly. Tell the darkness, and share how you got out of that darkness and back into the light.

My good friend and personal media coach, Selena Soo, is hosting a webinar called — From “Best-Kept Secret” to Industry Leader: 3 Publicity Secrets to Multiply Your Revenue, Reach More People, and Change the World. — and I think you should watch it.

She’ll be going deep into leveraging the media to share your story in a way that will create more authority for your brand and solidify you as an expert in your industry.

It’s 100% free and I just know you’re going to love it.

The last webinar is happening today so don’t wait to save your seat!

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