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Feeling Scared on your Success Quest?

Feeling Scared on your Success Quest?.001

We all have fear.

(it does seem SO BIG, doesn’t it?)

It’s usually the number one reason that people don’t move forward in the pursuit of their big, luscious, bodacious dreams.

I’m no exception. Fear has held me back on things I really, really wanted, just like the rest of the dreaming world.

I get asked a lot how I deal with it. How I keep moving forward.

My answer:

treat fear as what it is – an asset.

“Fear-as-an-asset say what?”

We have to stop allowing fear to be so damn debilitating.

Because here’s the thing:

fear will exist whether you do the thing you’re dreaming of. Or not.

I live by this def of fear:

“fear is excitement, without the action.”

So if you’re dreaming of starting or growing a business, getting more quality time in your life, travel + more moolah for more dancing shoes, start thinking of fear as something you’re actually EXCITED about. It helps, trust me on this.

Allow yourself to feel the excitement.

Let it seep deep within your chromosomes.

Don’t let it stay superficially on the outside where it’s easier to “wash off” and say “ehh, didn’t want that anyway”.

If you allow yourself to feel the excitement (a.k.a. the fear), then you’ll be more apt to…ACT. DO. MOXIFY the thing you’re in fear of doing.

Your brain has no choice but to say “I really want this”.

Courage starts rising.

Then you realize…

Your fear could end up changing someone’s life. Cure a pain. Um…get that big dream of yours.

Fear then turns into…Liberty. Impact. Purpose. Fabu-lous Living.

The complete opposite of Mediocrity.

That’s making fear a little more appealing, doesn’t it?

Now, go get excited. Fear it.

And start living that big, luscious, bodacious dream life already.

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