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Why building a personal brand can create all of the marketing you need to sell your services + products

Why building a personal brand can create all of the marketing you need to sell your services + products

Many people are concerned that if they focus more on their personal brand instead of their business brands (products, services, offerings), that they are not building something that can scale.

But for those in service-based industries like business or life coaching, building a personal brand is an especially potent way to increase your authority, drive new leads and followers, and demonstrate your ability to help them get to whatever goals you’re coaching them to.

The more you demonstrate your value, the more likely they are to hire or buy from you. And they’ll see you as an authority on that subject or solution, and trust your brand by opening their wallets.

To build a personal brand that drives value to your business brand, you’ll want to consider the 4 elements to building one that gets seen, heard and paid.

Element 1: Archetypes – this is based on the psychological makeup of the personality of your business and fully embodying how it delivers on the promise. Most advertising agencies use this method as a baseline for how they build marketing campaigns, and small businesses can get the same insight and value from doing the same.

Element 2: Audience – Your Audience determines your status as an authority in your niche. Not you. They key is understanding the underlying reasons they have for needing solutions to their problems and desires.

Element 3: Aesthetics – This is where so many people think they’re supposed to start: to design a logo, pick colors, create a website. Your brand is more than just a gorgeous face. It’s a feeling. It’s a movement. And those that understand their Archetype and Audience to drive more high impact design elements, make more of an impression.

Element 4: Activation – Step 4 is all about implementation. Because unless you actually do something with the Archetype, Audience or Aesthetics – then your brand stays hidden to the people who really wish they knew about it.

If you want to learn the crucial steps to Activating your personal brand, I’m hosting a free + live workshop called Paid to Be You. It’s specially designed for entrepreneurs who want to get seen, heard, and paid. During our time together, you’ll find out how and how to dig deep into the story of your brand, refine your message and “vibe”, and apply all 4 elements (Archetype, Audience, Aesthetics, and Activation) into everyday marketing, so you start earning big… just for being yourself. Hope to see you there! 🙂

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