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Are You Brave Enough To See Your Business Honestly?

Are You Brave Enough To See Your Business Honestly?

Today, I want you to do something a little uncomfortable:

I want you to score your business (if you’re brave enough) on a scale from 1-10, 1 being a total newbie business owner, and 10 being a multi-million dollar, totally-killing-it-influencer.

So for example, if you’re a 3, you might have a business going with a few clients, but right now you don’t have funnels or systems in place.

A 5 might be a business with one funnel and one product who’s doing fairly well, but isn’t doing a lot of self promotion.

A 7 might be a business that makes great, consistent money, but has you working way too hard because your systems aren’t quite there.

I encourage you to do this because really? There’s no shame in any game. Every single one of us started at zero, and it’s important to know where you’re at with the basics.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you figure out your score:

Where are you with your offers and business model?

Are you totally clear on what you sell and who you serve?

Where are you with having a landing page and lead magnet?

Where are you with having an email system?

Where are you with strategies that will automate sales for you?

Got a number in your head from 1-10?

OK great. Now we can properly jump into what’s next which is having brand clarity.

I always say, your business is what you do, but your brand is what differentiates you from everyone else out there doing exactly what you do.

That means you have to have a solid, clear brand — and a clear brand is  a confident brand, and there is nothing more important as an entrepreneur than protecting your confidence.

Why? Because you’re going to get hit with a lot of things that aren’t working. You’re going to get hit with a lot of people who are haters or you’re going to get hit with zero which means crickets and you have to be resilient in those moments. But the clearer your brand is the more confident it comes off and the more your tribe trusts you.

How do you start defining your clear, confident brand? You need to consider how you’re fully expressing and embodying your brand personality.

Everything from the stories you tell to the language you use has to be consistent, so people can self-select into (or out of) your world and feel confident they belong.

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