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What Matters More? Aesthetics Or Impact?

What Matters More? Aesthetics Or Impact?

One question I get asked a ton at events, VIP sessions, and livestreams is:

I want to build a website… but I don’t have the time or resources to hire a designer. Should I wait?

For many entrepreneurs, a website feels like a calling card; the first ever representation of YOU.

That can feel a little scary, and of course you want to put your best foot forward.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret:

If your messaging is right on your website? It doesn’t really matter what it looks like.

At least not at first.

Of course there are some niches that require that “next level” brand look; looks matter for luxury brands, or fashion brands for example. But for everyone else, including service providers?

It’s about what you say, to who and how that matters more than what your website looks like.

That’s why getting clear on your customer avatar, including:

  • Who they are
  • What they struggle with
  • What their goals are
  • And why they need someone like YOU specifically

… is key to take all of that information and create messaging that allows your ideal customer to connect the dots — because ideal customers are people who purchase, pay.

Before someone becomes an ideal customer though ,you have to learn how to do the warm up.

You have to know their psychological triggers and stories, and be able to soothe their pain, and offer them a clear solution. That requires testing, and experimenting, and showing up.

It takes time, but it’s worth it — because that’s what’s going to give you the advantage of being able to attract the right tribe — and it’s way more important than the way your website looks.

This is the real secret to lead generation; better known as internet or direct response marketing.

It’s the reason you see people going on live streams, doing Facebook ads, and putting these opt in pages in front of you.

They’re testing messaging to find out what works, and which drivers are aligned with the goals of the ideal audience.

And after you’ve nailed that down? THAT is the time to become visually clear and on brand aesthetically.

Messaging comes first. Everything else follows.

Also: If  you focus more on psychological copy and colors for your brand and for your audience? You’re also going to have way better ROI on your lead generation than you would have on any fo what I call vanity websites.

I personally have a vanity website — if you’re reading this blog, you’re on it right now.

Is it beautiful? Yes! And there’s a lot of information and content here especially inside of our blog.

But I will tell you this: That website  makes me way less money than the simple landing pages I use for my lead magnets that help you develop your brand personality and your buyer personas.

Because the fact is: those landing pages are clear on a specific need, and specific psychological triggers that appeal to my ideal audience. That means more sign ups, better quality leads, and you know what?

It’s impact over aesthetics on these internet streets.

Start with the mind of your ideal client, and speaking to THEM, specifically. Then — magic will follow.

Want more resources, challenges, and community as you grow your business? Join us in the Paid To Be You Posse. See you there!

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