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3 Secrets To Catching & Keeping The Attention Of Your Ideal Client

3 Secrets To Catching & Keeping The Attention Of Your Ideal Client

Last week, we talked about the importance of a great Lead Magnet.

And next week I’m going to give you my exclusive list of 12 grab-n’-go ideas that you can use, so keep an eye on your inbox!

But first, I want to give you the way to make sure your Lead Magnet doesn’t just get created, but also gets you seen, heard, and most importantly, paid.

Secret #1: Your lead magnet has to designed and crafted just for your ideal clients.  Not your mama, or your best friend, or that former client who was a terrible fit for your brand. Only the people who you know will like you, need what you offer, and love to be a part of your world.

Secret #2: Content for any lead magnet idea below doesn’t have to be completely new, either. You can easily repurpose old workshops or classes, PDF’s, emails, newsletters, blog posts, articles, and more in your lead magnet.

Secret #3 (and the most important of all): Any lead magnet (a.k.a. opt ins, freemiums, pink spoons, list builders, free gifts — and in the case of the JK Campus “L1’s”) you create should follow the 3 U’s:

It must be:

  • Unique: Don’t do exactly the same thing your competitors are doing, even if it looks like it works. Think: What’s a thing or solution only YOU can provide in your specific way?
  • Useful: Find out what your ideal clients are struggling with most, and give them an actionable fix.
  • Usable: Ease is the goal here! Make it simple for your leads to get and digest the information — the more concise the better. Don’t bury the good stuff in a 3 hour, 5-video series if you can avoid it. Serve up the info in a straightforward, clear-cut way.

Remember your 3 U’s, grab any idea above that excites you (and you know your people would love too) and get to building.

It’s time to magnetize your ideal clients and turn your mailing list into a tribe of excited buyers, readers, and raving fans.

Let me know how it goes for you (with a tag on Facebook, or popping it into my community The Paid to Be You Posse)– and good luck!

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