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12 Lead Magnet Ideas You Can Steal Right Now

12 Lead Magnet Ideas You Can Steal Right Now

Today, I’m going to give you some steal-able ways to develop lead magnets that will attract exactly the kind of clients and customers you want in your world.

I’ve carefully curated this resource as a go-to guide that you can pin to your “favorites” channel, share with a friend, or even print out and keep nearby.

Here are some lead magnet ideas you can steal and use right now:

  1. Video trainings: This is a classic. Want folks to get to you, your teaching style, AND your expertise? Find a topic you want to talk about over 1-3 few short videos (no more than 5 minutes each if you can wrangle it!) 
  2. Create a FREE eBook or PDF download: Another classic. Got a how-to guide, a list of common mistakes peeps in your industry make, or a workbook you want people to complete? EBook and PDF’s are the easiest way to offer that. 
  3. Challenges: This is one of my favorites! One of my greatest lead generators to date has been the Brand Story Challenge, where you work on developing and leveraging your business’s brand story over 5 days. It’s brought my business close to 2 million in sales over the years. Set your challenge to run over 3-5 days, and make the end result something crazy valuable your people will need and love. 
  4. Quizzes: Who can resist a “What kind of ___ are you?” quiz? (This kind of lead magnet is also useful if you’re aiming to segment your list into specific buyer categories.) 
  5. Surveys: While this isn’t quite as sexy as a quiz, you can use results from a survey lead magnet to target specific buyers you know will need what you’re selling
  6. Contests: Contests are a tricky magnet because you need to make sure they’re specific enough for your audience — so you don’t have thousands of people trying to sign up to your list to win a free ipad. If you choose to go this route, think carefully about what you want to give away, and why. 
  7. Audio downloads: Audio is a bit simpler to access than video, which makes it a breeze to offer as a lead magnet gift. Record something your peeps can listen to in the car, at the gym, in the morning over coffee, while they’re cooking dinner, etc. Meditations are one great example of this! 
  8. First chapters/modules of a paid product: If your upsell from your lead magnet is connected to a book or larger offer? Consider giving a sliver of it away so people can get a taste of what you do. 
  9. Workshops/webinars: While it’s hard to make live calls lead magnets (unless you’re launching something) because they should run year-round, recordings of workshops and webinars can make great freebies for your peeps. 
  10. Swipe files: These are PDF’s full of copy-paste scripts for everything from emails to marketing materials that your people can fill in + use for just about anything. 
  11. Loom tutorials: Want to show off your processes or teach your users how to set up or use a certain tech? Use a tool like Loom to record your computer screen as you narrate what you’re doing, and offer that up for your lead magnet. 
  12. Printable infographics/manifestos: Who doesn’t love something useful that can be read in seconds? Creating printable infographics to give your peeps vital information on important stats, your industry, or expertise, or turning your manifesto into a gorgeous, frame-able print is a great way to share what you know, and your knowledge.

Which one of these lead magnets appeal to you the most? Share it into my community The Paid to Be You Posse) and let me know!


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